Friday, March 25, 2011

Week Up-date

Well I have been MIA this week both here on my blog and on my Youtube channel as well, but of course there is a great reason for my being absent. Here is my top reason: (well #1, #2 & #3) My Kids!
My other reason being that two of the three kids had a birthday this week. (#2 & #3)
Here is a photo of #3 before his birthday hair cut:(wild & curly, he turned 2)
Here is a photo of #2 with her favorite birthday present so far (she turned 5):
And of course the final reason, the birthday party is tomorrow & I have spent the past week making treat boxes (look for video soon), baking & frosting two cakes and in general having a two year old.
(he helped by eating the cake tops)

I will have party photos (of cakes & treat boxes) tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend, Jen

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